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Come See Our Little Museum

When I first moved to town one of the first places I checked out was the Museum. That helps you understand why the place you’ve found yourself in is the way it is. Plus I was looking for work and they were looking for someone … I got the job.

For the next 3 years, until it closed for a while, I worked there. And I found out that the best part of the position was touring the visitors through and telling them the tales and facts and making it come to life just a little bit.

The Museum and the City got in a fight and for a while they had no home and I had no job. But it has worked out well in the long run – the Museum found a new home in a historic site that needed a tenant that would honor its heritage and be proper stewards. And it happened to be a school which is appropriate to its function of educating the world about the history of the area.

And occasionally they will ask (or I will volunteer) to take a group on a tour through the museum. Like I’m going to take you right now. Okay, this tour is quite a bit shorter and bereft of most of the stores BUT it’s meant to be a bit of a teaser to get you to visit 🙂 And below that is a bit of history – a visit to the no longer there museum when it was still downtown. (the 360 degree video might be best viewed with Google Chrome)

And this is a small window into the past … a place that no longer exists.