We’re having a Contest!

Do you have a camera?
Do you create music?
Do you do fun and interesting things around Grand Forks? Want a chance to combine those together and maybe win some cash?

Help us Show Off Grand Forks and we’ll help you Show Off your creative talents to the world.

What do we mean?
We want to Show Off Grand Forks to people who are looking for places to visit on their travels or settle down with their families. And, if you live, work, play or go to school in Grand Forks or the valley we want your help.

Why would you do that? Because you can win cash prizes.

You have the whole summer to work on this … the contest will be in September (we haven’t hammered out the actual day yet). So think about all those things you like to do in the summer that visitors might as well. And how to best show them off in video.

It’s a contest so who is judging? At this point we’d like to make that you. And everyone in Grand Forks. That way no one can say the judges were completely biased – we expect you and your friends to be biased but with anyone who lives, works, plays or goes to school here being able to have a vote we’re hoping that the biases will even out and, as they say, the cream will rise to the top. We still have to figure out the best way to do that but we’ve got the summer to work if out.

Don’t have a camera? Don’t know how you’ll set it to music? Then you might have to lean on your friends and collaborate – community is collaboration after all. BUT if you don’t have the gear you need we might be able to help you with that: we won’t shoot it for you but we can lend you equipment and show you the rudiments of how to use it (and not break it ;). After that you’re on your own …

If you’re reading this and think it might be a good idea but can’t see yourself as a contestant … maybe you can see yourself as helping in some way. The prize money is being put up by locals (businesses and individuals) to support locals. They could always use more, wink wink. We could use help with managing this project. People who are willing to contribute their Ideas, Experience and Time would be greatly appreciated. We’re still working out the details on how the judging will happen, what we’ll do with the results and how to best market them. See yourself in one or more of those roles? Those who contribute in any way will be recognized and given credit.

The fine print:

Oh yeah, before we leave you to it, there’s a few little things to get out of the way. Like the legalities for instance.

IF you’re submitting your content we need to have a non-exclusive right to use it in our finished product. That means we don’t want to own your stuff, it still belongs to you, but we need to be able to use it with no strings attached. We won’t be selling your video or music but we’ll be using it to sell our town and area.

IF people’s faces appear in your video then we need you to get signed releases from them allowing you (and us) to use their image in your / our project. IF they are under 19 years of age then those releases need to be signed by their parent or legal guardian. No releases means your video cannot enter the contest.

IF you have music then we need written permission from the copyright holder allowing you / us to use it. If you created it then that’s your permission on paper. If you found it on the web then we need a link to it with a link to the page that states it is available for use and giving permission.

Coming Soon:
We’ll provide PDFs of release forms for you to use and links to places on the web where you can find royalty free, useable content (though we think the judges will look more kindly on stuff created here by you and your friends). Soon you will be able to look for entry packages at the Gem Theatre, Select Office Products and Grand Forks Secondary School. These will have entry forms, release forms, format guidance and contact information.

Once again: Why would you do that? Because you can win cash prizes. Well, we also hope you have a sense of community spirit that infects your creative side as well 

Now get your thinking caps on and start being creative.


5 thoughts on “We’re having a Contest!

  1. Lizanne

    Great idea Les. I’m looking forward to helping out with this project. Is there a way to share this on Facebook?

    1. lesjshowgf Post author

      Ok Lizanne … there should now be a couple of social network sharing buttons on the bottom of the post. Try them out …

  2. Councillor Cher Wyers

    Great job Les and I can’t wait to see the entries for videos and songs. Plenty of talent right here in Boundary Country!


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