Coast Downhill On Your Bike For An Hour

Did you know that if you were in Grand Forks there’s a bike ride where you could coast downhill on your bike for an hour?

And along the way you get to pass through two tunnels.  And gently descend from the top of  the mountain ridge down alongside the valley below.

If you’re exercise inclined then do it in the other direction, the incline is only about 2% because it used to be a railroad line.

Back in 2009 we took this little trip and I made a video about it. (excuse the audio – I had no studio) We had someone drop us and our bikes off at the Eholt road and we made it back on our own. Eholt was a rail stop, the high point between Grand Forks and Greenwood. The site is a place along the Trans Canada Trail,  the world’s longest network of recreational trails. If you start there you can coast down to either town … and carry on for many, many miles.

UPDATE: Chris Moslin has put this route up on Google Maps

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