Contestant contributes to the prize money

Pardon me if this is a bit late (the actual item happened last week) but I’ve been busy.

Ok – How many contests have you heard of where one of the contestants donated money towards the prizes?
Still trying to remember? Well while you do that I’ll fill you in.

Mrs. Helen Durham wants to be a contestant.

  • She’s written a song.
  • She’s inveigling people (hey she’s in her mid 80’s so inveigling seems to be an appropriate term) to help her get that recorded and put under some sort of video or slide show.
  • She also thinks the idea of a contest to do this promoting the community is a good idea.
  • So she’s donated $100 towards the prize money … wow!

That brings the money in the bank up to $900.
Anyone want to help us drive it over $1000

Hat’s off to Helen.

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