Monthly Archives: January 2014

Our first Entry is online

Megan Kienas has become our first official entry!

She has posted her entry online and you can all view it below:

Megan is up and coming producer. Her growing list of video on YouTube is evidence of her creativity and talent – you can check it out for yourself by visiting her Channel at YouTube.

We hope you like it.

The End Is Nigh

The End Is Nigh … or In Sight anyhow.

It’s the last half of January and you should be down to final production. You’ve had many months to work on it and a few seasons to collect media from – time is close on to show us what you’ve got!

Over 50 people are registered with the site … now we’re curious how many of you have been working on something to show.
Well we’re more than curious – we need to know how many videos and how long they are so we know how much time the viewing and judging will take. And seeing as I never set up a mechanism where you could ‘officially register an entry’ I have to canvas you. If you have an entry (or two or three) please let me know.

In a few days we’ll use the feedback we’ve gotten to determine the date and time for the judging.

– Les

PS: If you’re not making a video but want to help be a booster you might think about donating to the prizes.
We could use swag or money. All the money donated goes to prizes for the media makers.
The costs of this website and miscellaneous printing and such are donations from myself, Les Johnson, and from Lorraine at Select Office Products. The Paquet’s at the Gem Theatre are donating place and time for the viewing and judging by you, the people of Grand Forks.
Lizanne Eastwood and Helen Durham have been good supporters of the community and are supporters of this effort as well. We hope there are more of you out there … if you want to help fill in the above form with a 0 in the duration, an ‘other’ in the media type and use the comments for further info.