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SK8 Park Gettin Fixin

The Skate Park has been around for quite a while (fundraising to get it built was in 2000 and it’s 2023 now) . . . and it gets used. And anything that gets regular use eventually needs maintenance. Right now it’s getting a bit of resurfacing – with a bit more funds raising it will eventually get an expansion.

Community Spirit Lives Here

You might have noticed on the media that this spring (2018) Grand Forks suffered catastrophic flooding that displaced a large part of the town’s population and shut the town down for a while.

The town may be ‘out of business’ for a few weeks or more. The damages will take millions of dollars and months to fix.

What may have been lost in the outside media coverage is the bounty of community spirited people who came out to help in any way they could.

But all that aside the town has done itself proud.

I was told that the Red Cross people (might have been Province I don’t know) said they’d never worked a disaster where so many in the community came out to lend a hand. Hundreds of people came out to sandbag: filling, ferrying or placing. Not just for their own places but those of neighbours and total strangers. (I did a bit of pushing in that direction but I can’t claim credit) Young people, old people, lots of men, women, girls and boys helped out and are still helping out.

So there’s your update . . . we’re okay. For today. Tomorrow hasn’t been written yet.

– Les Johnson May 12, 2018