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Final Entry

This is Helen Durham’s entry. She wrote the song and the music.

Well our Final Entry has been received. That’s TWO.

Or is it? As I filed this I found a song that was passed to me last summer by Dave Soroka. It’s called Little Lazy and even though he did not create it for this contest he says its about Grand Forks – except he calls it Lil’ Lazy in the song. I’ll talk with him and find out if we officially entering that in. So it might be THREE.

BUT that’s it. No more. Much as I’d like there to be.

UPDATE: Feb 14 – 2PM

I talked with Dave and it wasn’t a contest entry in the end. He’d created a nice piece of music called Little Lazy which he did to juxtapose the laid back life pace of Grand Forks against the more urban lifestyle of that other city on a river, the Big Easy; New Orleans. Originally it was devised to celebrate drifting down the Kettle River and then it expanded to be about the place that drifting happened in, the valley the river wanders through. With Grand Forks along the way.


Our first Entry is online

Megan Kienas has become our first official entry!

She has posted her entry online and you can all view it below:

Megan is up and coming producer. Her growing list of video on YouTube is evidence of her creativity and talent – you can check it out for yourself by visiting her Channel at YouTube.

We hope you like it.