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Around the Customs Cabin in the Round

I have acquired new technology – a little camera that shoots 360 degree video. And YouTube supports that now … so if you are using Google Chrome as your browser watch the first video. Otherwise watch the second one.

Anyway, I’m going to try taking you on little visits to local spots of tourism interest … this is the first one.

Behind our venerable old Court House (now gallery 2, the art gallery) is a small log building. It used to be the Customs Cabin for visitors from the USA over a hundred years ago.

UPDATE: A plug-in on this site was breaking the 360 degree video playback functionality … it is fixed / bypassed and 360 degree viewing should be possible. As long as you are using Google’s Chrome web browser as of June 2015.

And for those not using Chrome:

If you live here in Grand Forks then Phoenix is your local Ski Hill.

Less than a half-hour drive from town locals can breakfast at home, ski and board on the hill and be back home for supper. A nice touch to Life in Rockies. Check it out below. Thanks once again to Megan Kienas for making the movie.

More GF Promotional videos from Nik Green

Last year The City of Grand Forks contracted to get their own promotional videos made. The contract was won by GF grown professional video producer Nik Green. Like many young people seeking a professional career Nik doesn’t physically reside in GF anymore but he does come back often and keeps in touch with people and things happening in GF via the web.

Here they are. They weren’t produced for this contest but they were produced to help Show Off Grand Forks. Great job Nik!